"omg scully it was totes aliens"

-Fox Mulder

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He consistently tells Sherlock in various ways that there is something wrong with the way he behaves with people, which clearly has basis, but sometimes it is based ENTIRELY on John’s own assumptions.

like those times when sherlock asks “not good?” lets not forget that objectively speaking sherlock is an arsehole to most people or are we conveniently glossing over that fact

It doesn’t take a Consulting Detective to see that Irene means something to Sherlock and yet John blows off the idea that Sherlock could have been mourning her

i’m pretty sure the entire purpose of his exchange with mycroft about the danger night meant he was convinced sherlock was not okay, he asks mrs hudson about sherlock’s love life, he tells irene he thinks sherlock was heartbroken, john is beside himself with jealousy because he thinks sherlock is mourning irene…. what were you watching

after he realizes that Irene is important, he becomes demanding and deceitful. 

gosh it’s horrible how he protects sherlock from what he believes is further heartbreak and loss, what a piece of shit john watson is

this post is a wild ride from start to finish


people need to realize that both john and sherlock are assholes and neither of them is an innocent angel being victimized by the other one

that fundamental concept is relevant to SUCH a huge percentage of sherlock fandom wank


the watsons’s happy married life more like


john and sherlock are both arseholes that just happen to compliment each other perfectly

whenever sherlock is an arsehole you have john nearly swooning at him saying how charming he is like just go shag get married have babies already

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really?? you’re missing out on having ppl reblog johnlock text post from you to add commentary on how much of a dick John is

ha maybe it’s because i don’t make that many johnlock posts or they never get enough attention

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THIS WAS LITERALLY ME. Because like I would defend john till I die but I also do not see the people I am defending him from. I’m just fighting invisible enemies and I have to explain how sherlock is an asshole but not The Worst every day

thea i think maybe it’s actually for the best. i’m a john stan until i die and seeing people being wrong about our small bisexual pockets daddy would just upset me. although from a purely scientific perspective i would like to study these cases first hand.

where are these mystical john haters because all i normally see is people shitting on sherlock for being literally the worst person alive

i miss physical affection

first ever attempt at painting my toenails so of course i went for black 💅


who wants to hang out on skype tonight and watch sherlock together

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special powers: the ability to pick the right music for any mood, colour or situation

who wants to hang out on skype tonight and watch sherlock together

today’s project: cleaning and maintenance of handbags and purses. 1 down, 348329 to go.


'Morning, genius.'

inspired by this post i saw earlier today aahahfdosaifj dumb sketchbook sketch